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Lebanese American Lobby – For a Free Lebanon!

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Do you remember us?

Between 2001-2005 we were lobbying the Unites States to free Lebanon from Syrian troops and to restore democracy in Lebanon.Some people supported us, some ridiculed us, and some did not care. However, our freedom fighters in Lebanon who led the peaceful resistance under occupation for 15 years were our inspiration.We worked day after day with our fellow Americans, until we got the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003" (H.R.1828) and (S.982 ) pass the congress, and signed by the President in 2004.We reached our goal then by turning the American and international support to our cause, and our peaceful rebels in Lebanon turned their resistance to the Cedar Revolution in 2005, where the Syrian troops and intelligence pulled out from Lebanon. 

Do you remember those links?

Saddam_Assad--------Act Now------w

Today, and as we sense the necessity to continue our efforts, we see that our work (and your work) is not over. Lebanon is heading to general elections in June 2009, with over one third of the registered voters living outside the country. The pro-Saudis in the Lebanese parliament are working on establishing Saudi control over the new parliament of 2009 by preventing one-third Lebanese from voting. 

We need to make sure we can stop the Saudi political attack on Lebanon that started after the Syrian control was ended in April 2005. In 2005, and after we finally got the Syrian troops to pullout, Saudi Arabia turned against Lebanon trying to impose its homogony over the little country. The number of those who left the country during Syrian control increased after their withdrawal, and the margin of freedom decreased while the democracy we were hoping to restore kept growing slimmer. By the end of 2005, Al-Qaida members were freed from prisons, and war criminals were crowned leaders while the those  who fought for the country’s freedom from the Syrian control were labeled traitors, and the Lebanese who live overseas were deprived from their very basic rights such as their right to vote lest they have hope to change the dark foreseen future.

As we worked for the freedom of Lebanon from Syrian control, we will not give up to let Lebanon fall to Saudi control.  Some of those who lobbied for Lebanon freedom kept  informing the people and administration about the situation of Lebanon, while others were turned by the Saudi money and started defending Hariri policies in Lebanon.You deserve to know the truth, and to know all about the alliance of Hariri-Joumbalt-Geagea who supported the Syrian attack on Lebanon in 1990,  and supported the Syrian occupation for 15 years, then switched sides after the Syrian pullout just to support the fall of Lebanon to Saudi control.

Hundreds of millions of Saudi oil dollars are utilized around the world to control the upcoming general elections in Lebanon in June 2009 [1].  We need to spread the truth about the Saudi proxies in Lebanon and especially their Christian allies in the Lebanese parliament who are working to keep the Christian seats in the Lebanese parliament under Saudi control through:

1-     Preventing the Christians overseas from voting unless they pledge to vote for pro-Saudi alliance of Hariri- Joumbalt- Geagea utilizing Saudi money [2].

2-     Preventing Christian expatriates from claiming their Lebanese citizenship (2009) [3].

3-     Keeping Christian parliament seats controlled by Sunni Muslim voters (May 2008).

4-     Fighting the largest Christian block in the Lebanese parliament, and the only leader who confronted the Syrians during their occupation, and is confronting the imminent Saudi control of Lebanon.




[1] Foreign Money Seeks to Buy Lebanese Votes’, New York Times, April 23, 2009.

[2] An electoral act was drafted and proposed to the Lebanese parliament by the Change and Reform Bloc  led by General Michel Aoun to allow all registered Lebanese overseas to vote from their countries of residence without the need for them to travel home was voted down in the parliament in 2008.  Only the MP’s of the General Aoun’s block and five other voted in favor of the draft. Click here for draft text in Arabic

[3] A law was drafted and proposed to the Lebanese parliament by the Change and Reform Bloc led by General Michel Aoun to allow Lebanese descending from Lebanese origins around the world to claim their Lebanese citizenship. After the draft was proposed to the parliament in 2009, the Pro-Saudi majority led by Hriri-Joumblat-Geagea bloc pulled off the quorum at every session that was scheduled to discuss the act.  Click here for the draft text in Arabic

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